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In the Beginning

With faith and prayer, in a small rented house in Albany, Georgia, two brothers had a vision of developing people’s dreams into reality, including their own. In 1999, Michael and Jason Lawson wanted to help inventors create and market their ideas to the public. The first product they created was the Sure Grip muffler clamp. They manufactured the muffler clamp, but soon learned the product was built ‘too well’ and was too expensive in the marketplace. However, due to the Lawsons’ diligence and product quality, an industry insider asked the Lawsons if they could manufacture a J-Hook. Through trial and error with the muffler clamp, the Lawsons learned the ins and outs of manufacturing, buying, selling and shipping. They spent one year in a closed-in garage of the small rented house before moving to their first warehouse.

In 2000, the brothers moved to an 8,000 square-foot warehouse, where they ran their two-man company for three years. Due to the demand for quality parts, the Lawsons began manufacturing mufflers, stainless steel and chrome products, plus several hardware lines. Through extensive research and negotiating, they found factories to make products to their exact specifications, while keeping prices low for their customers.

In 2003, with their expanding product line, the Lawsons moved to an old 25,000 square-foot furniture warehouse. The Lawsons wanted the shops to have the opportunity to buy the Lawson brand parts so, in 2005 Lawson Industries started selling, not only to distributors, but also directly to shops at wholesale prices.


In 2007, the company moved to its current 40,000 square-foot facility. Each year Lawson Industries has grown its inventory and customer base. Lawson Industries has over 10,000 parts available and serves customers in 39 states. Lawson Industries offers same-day shipping and has a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude. Customers can expect their products delivered to their door within 48 hours.

Their trademark slogan, “Best Prices, Best Parts, Best Service,” is demonstrated in the way Lawson Industries does business. Lawson Industries now partners with factories in Taiwan, China, South Korea, India, Mexico, Canada and the United States. These partnerships reduce costs and, in turn, reduce prices to their customers. Lawson Industries only sells the quality parts promised by the Lawson name.

“Our parents taught us that it’s not only our name out there - it’s theirs too."

Lawson Industries strives for excellence, and has departments strictly dedicated to customer service, marketing, sales, shipping, purchasing and accounting.

“Our success is built around our customers’ success,” states Michael Lawson. “We will continue to be a successful company as long as we take care of our customers, and keep the best interest of their business in mind.”


Over the past ten years, Lawson Industries has sold from their location in Albany, Georgia. Now, due to industry demand, Lawson Industries employs private distributors, delivering Lawson products directly to the shops’ front door. Whether it is from the corporate location, or from the distributors’ trucks, any shop in any state can take advantage of Lawson Industries’ commitment to excellence, exceptional customer service and availability of high quality parts. Lawson Industries welcomes you to be a customer and thanks those who already are!

Team Lawson postcard 2015

Team Lawson Postcard 2015