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Lawson Premium Universal Muffler - 2 O 2 C 18 B 24 OL - 5x9 1/4 (PN# 59612)

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Lawson Industries Premium Universal Mufflers are 100% aluminized inside and out using heavy gauge aluminized steel. The muffler is double wrapped with a side welded seam and all baffles, tubes and necks are welded to insure against parts twisting loose as can happen when crimping or expanding parts in place. Unlike all other stock replacement mufflers on the market today, Lawson Premium Universal Mufflers use the same heavy gauge aluminized steel for our inner wrapper as we use on the outer wrapper. This heavy gauge aluminized steel inner wrapper will not rust out prematurely like most aftermarket stock mufflers which used either non aluminized cold rolled steel or a very light gauge aluminized steel. Our heavy gauge inner wrapper also will reduce interior cab noise. Each end cap is machine spun locked to form a leak free seal. Each Premium Universal Muffler is fully reversible which helps in reducing the number of part numbers a shop needs to stock. Lawson Premium Universal Mufflers are available in three (3) different size body cross-sections, inlet and outlet sizes ranging from one and one half inch (1.50”) to three inches (3.00”) and lengths starting at twelve inches (12”) going all the way up to twenty-three inches (23”) long which will fit over ninety-five percent (95%) of all passenger car, light trucks and Sport Utility Vehicles on the road today. Each muffler comes in a white box with a carrying handle cut out, for easy on and off shelf storage, and has a two (2) year warranty.
Part Number59612
Inlet2.25" Offset
Outlet2.25" Offset
Body4.0" x 9.0" Oval
Body Length18"
Overall Length24"

Product Fitment

This product is listed as universal fitment. Please check the manufacturer's specifications to determine if this product is right for your application.

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