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Insynerator Bullit, Round Chambered Muffler - 2.25" Inlet / Outlet, 5" Round, 13" Body Length, 18" OAL (PN# 77922)

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The Insynerator Bullit muffler is made using the same heavy gauge aluminized steel, that is used in our Insynerator Race, Performance and Big Body Series mufflers, but is designed with our unique diamond baffle in the sound chamber.

The diamond baffle directs the flow of exhaust out and around the diamond baffle then through the sound chamber giving this all welded five inch (5”) Round Performance Muffler a deep aggressive tone that rivals the Insynerator Performance Series muffler. The 5” round body allows the Bullit to fight easily in tight spaces. Off road vehicles owners like the Bullit because they still get that deep aggressive sound which only comes from a V-Baffle chambered muffler, but were not able to get in a round body until the Bullit.

These off road vehicles need a round body muffler so that mud deposits cannot build up on the top of the muffler like on an oval muffler. This mud build up adds additional weight to the exhaust system. This additional weight can lead to several problems that are very common for off road vehicles such as exhaust hangers breaking, welded seams breaking at the welds and torn or worn out rubber hangers and leaking exhaust gaskets.

The round body of the Bullit will eliminate mud build up thereby eliminating these problems. It is available in five (5) inlet and outlet sizes ranging from two inch (2”) thru four inch (4”). The Bullit is painted gray with high temperature paint to prevent the welds from rusting and leading to premature rust out of the Bullit. It comes with a two (2) year warranty and is packaged in our retail style packaging which is a flip top style four color box.
Part Number77922
Inlet2.25" Center
Outlet2.25" Center
Body5.0" Round
Body Length13.0"
Overall Length18.0"

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b3m (1010 XP)
Member Since: 03/05/2013

I have a very troubled setup, 1987 Subaru setup to run strong. Exhaust was not only perfect size, it is rugged with a good geometry going by gas tank. I do recommend with a cat or resonator for over ten to 1 compression.

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