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Lawson Industries Frequently Asked Questions

How does freight allowance work?

Orders over $600.00 receive 10% of there total order to be used against the freight charges. Orders under $600.00 receive 6% of there total order to be used against the freight charges.

Are the QwikCat catalytic converters reversible?

The “No-Neck” and “Standard 19 Series” are reversible, but the “Spun” converters are not reversible.

Do you sell California catalytic converters?

The QwikCat OBDII XL catalytic converters are approved for California Emissions Vehicles, but can not be sold in California.

What is the brick size in your QwikCat catalytic converters?

QwikCat 19 Series converters have a 3 inch substrate. 21 – 24 Series have a 4 inch substrate and the 25 – 28 Series have a 5 inch substrate.

Who makes your mufflers?

All Lawson brand products are engineered and designed at our corporate headquarters in Albany, GA. The products are then manufactured at one of our certified manufacturing facilities.

What is the carton QTY of your exhaust tips?

Our tips currently come 10 to a carton, but we are in the process of changing that to 6.

What is the difference between the Rush and Insynerator performance mufflers?

Rush performance mufflers are built with 409 stainless steel bodies and feature a straight through perforated core. They are packed with an acoustical fiber filling for added sound control. Insynerator performance mufflers are built with heavy grade aluminized steel with a high temperature coating. The flow is directed by v-shaped baffles and the sound is tuned in classic “sound chambers”.

Where can I buy your parts?

Lawson products are sold at exhaust shops and retail locations across the United States. They can also be purchased from one of our online retailers. Use our dealer locator to find the source most convenient for you.

What is your standard parts warranty?

All Lawson brand parts are covered under a 2 year warranty with the exception of QwikCat catalytic converters. All converters are covered by the standard EPA required warranty. This warranty can be downloaded on our warranty page or the QwikCat product page.

What day do you deliver on?

Unlike traditional exhaust distributors, Lawson Industries is not confined to the schedule of a truck route. We can deliver Monday – Friday. The choice is yours.

Team Lawson postcard 2015

Team Lawson Postcard 2015